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Content creation and training services for businesses

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I set up The Independent Landlord as a free resource for landlords and property businesses. All the content on this website is free. My content is also subject to copyright.

Here is my approach towards quoting The Independent Landlord and also the content creation and training services I can offer businesses.

Can I quote The Independent Landlord blog?

I am happy for you or your business to quote my blog posts and pages, so long as you respect a few simple and reasonable rules:

  • The quotes must not be more than a few lines. For more extensive quotations, please contact me by sending me a message here.
  • You must acknowledge the source of the quotation. For web-based publications, please provide a backlink to the relevant page on my website with relevant, appropriate and descriptive anchor text. It should not have a no-follow tag. As a one-person blogger who doesn’t advertise or pay for backlinks, genuine high quality backlinks are really helpful.
  • Please do run the quotation past me first as I regularly update pages and that page might about to be change. Also, it’s important for me to check the quotation in the context. I will do this for free.
  • If you promote your article or blog post on social media, please do tag me as a contributor or source. Again, please let me know so we can chat about it. I may be able to promote it too.

I’m a subscriber to your newsletter. Can I quote it?

It depends. Please send me a message using my contact form so we can chat about it.

Do you create new content for businesses for free?

No. The Independent Landlord is my freebie to the landlord community. It takes enough time of my time as it is, without me doing yet more pro bono work.

It’s one thing allowing businesses to quote something I’ve written on this website (provided they respect my rules above). It’s another thing entirely for me to spend time creating something new for a business to publish. I’m sure you understand.

Can I pay you to create content or provide training for my business?

Absolutely. 😊

I’m happy to write new content or provide training for businesses for a reasonable fee that reflects my experience as a lawyer, landlord and a successful blogger. (You can find out more about my experience here and on my LinkedIn Profile). It needs to be worth the opportunity cost of my time, and I do take into account the means of the business.

If you’d like to find out more about the content creation and training services offered by The Independent Landlord, you can use my contact form to send me a message.

Do you accept guest blogs on The Independent Landlord?

No. I write everything on The Independent Landlord. I have a unique voice and turn of phrase, that have developed over a long career as a lawyer, and also as a result of being self-managing lawyer. If a topic is worthy of a place on this website, I’ll write it myself.

That said, I regularly collaborate with other people when I write my blog posts. However, I hold the pen, and make it clear when the other person is offering a perspective.

If you have some ideas that you think would be useful for me to include in blog post, please contact me here. I don’t pay for contributions. I usually include a backlink with a high quality anchor text for free, but for some businesses, I insist on affiliate links.

Are you able to provide quotations for newspapers, media outlets and magazines?

It depends.

A short quote on a straightforward topic is fine. For something more difficult or controversial, please contact me here to chat about it. I often turn down media requests and it has to be something that maintains my independence and is the right fit for The Independent Landlord.

For contributing more than a couple of lines, I would expect to be paid for my time, especially if it’s on a tricky or controversial subject.

I’d certainly be interested in writing a regular column with a byline for a newspaper, magazine or website. That of course wouldn’t be a freebie.

Final thoughts

Creating and running The Independent Landlord takes up a huge amount of time. It’s my bit of pro bono for landlords, and the small amount of income the blog generates from affiliate links in blog posts and in my Landlord Essentials page go towards my running costs.

I’m happy to collaborate with businesses and provide content creation and training services, but I rarely do freebies.

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