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Affiliate policy

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Here are my thoughts about affiliate marketing and partnerships.

About The Independent Landlord

I set up The Independent Landlord blog and newsletter in August 2022 as a free resource for landlords and other property investors.

My mission is to provide free, reliable and independent information to help investors in their property journey. This includes advice on how to be a good landlord, complying with the spirit and intent of the law and treating renters with respect.

My approach

When I started writing my blog posts, I naturally started sharing links to companies that I’d found useful as a landlord. For instance the online lettings service from OpenRent and the NRLA.

Now that the blog and newsletter subscriber list have grown considerably, I’ve decided to formalise the way I make recommendations. I’ve therefore become an affiliate partner of a limited number of companies that provide services or products that I believe are useful and offer good value to landlords. These include OpenRent, AO.com and Viewber, as well as specific products from Amazon. The income I earn when someone buys something, after clicking on one of the links, helps keep this website free.

I’ve decided not to put Google ads on the site, at least for now, as I find them annoying and a bit creepy. I’d rather use subtle affiliate links to specific products and companies instead.

I’m very selective about who and what I choose to recommend on The Independent Landlord and turn down a lot of approaches! As well as being high quality products and services, they have to be the right fit in terms of approach and values. Nothing approaching the grey zone.

I don’t accept exclusivity, as independence is very important to me. I write all the content myself, and maintain complete editorial freedom. This means I don’t accept sponsored posts. I’m also very open about affiliate links, even down to the coding I use. I don’t share my list of subscribers, so please don’t ask.

Working with me

The Independent Landlord blog and newsletter offer partners visibility with a very targeted and engaged audience of investors and professionals in the property community. These include landlords, property investors, agents, lawyers, brokers and developers. My newsletter has an average open rate of around 60%. I include affiliate links to the products and services I recommend in suitable blog posts, website pages, and my newsletter and also in my Landlord Essentials page.

I’m an official member of Ethical Influencers, an online community which connects bloggers, influencers, and creatives with brands who share the same ethical values.

If you’re interested in working with me and think we’d be a good fit, please drop me a line on this contact form.

Many thanks


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