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A Landlord’s Guide to Property Jargon

Property jargon. Property educator giving a seminar on property jargon and explaining the key terms

Property investing is full of so much jargon! It can be really hard to find reliable explanations of what it all means, that are accurate legally, but are also written in plain English.

I’ve written this guide to property jargon in one handy place for landlords and other property investors to find out what key terms mean in plain English. Everything from Accidental landlord to Yield, and Article 4 to Section 24.

There’s a lot of really useful information for landlords, and links to continue your research. Bookmark it so you can find it easily again!

Please let me know if you’d like me to add anything, or if you have any other suggestions, by sending me a note using the contact form.

A Guide to Property Jargon for Landlords

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