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How to Choose Good Tenants

queue of tenants

Choosing good tenants is probably the most important thing for a buy to let or HMO landlord to do. Whether landlords outsource the tenant-find to letting agents, or find tenants themselves using online agents like OpenRent, the principles remain the same. It’s not always easy finding good tenants. Many applicants appear charming and convincing when […]

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How to find tenants using OpenRent

Openrent to let sign outside of Victorian house - self-letting landlord

Margins are tight for landlords. An obvious way to save money is for landlords to let their own Buy to Lets themselves using online services such as OpenRent, for a fraction of the cost of bricks and mortar letting agents. However, many landlords are often unsure how to go about finding tenants themselves, and don’t

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My 5 biggest mistakes as a landlord

first buy to let house as a landlord

So many landlords and property investors only talk about their successes, staying silent about their mistakes. However, I think it’s good for us to share what we’ve learned so far. After each project, we should reflect what went well, and what might have gone better, if we’d approached it differently. When I bought my first

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