What is a Private Landlord?

A private landlord is a person or organisation (such as a limited company) who lets property to third parties, called tenants or renters. According the English Housing Survey, 19% of housing in the UK is provided by private landlords.

This is a different category to social landlords, who are registered with the social housing regulator, such as housing associations or councils, and provide social housing.

The “average” landlord has a small portfolio. According to government figures from 2021, 82% of landlords own under 5 properties, with 43% owing only one rental property. This leaves 18% of landlords who owned five or more properties, but they represent almost half (48%) of tenancies.

Useful links

English Private Landlord Survey 2021 – comprehensive survey published in May 2022 into how landlords acquire, let, manage and maintain privately rented accommodation.

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