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How to Rent Checklist: March 2023 latest version

How to rent checklist published March 2023 that landlords must give to renters

The How to Rent Checklist is a document published by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. It sets out the rights and obligations of both renters and landlords. It’s a useful guide, and all landlords should read it.

A new version came out on 24 March 2023. Click here to download the March 2023 version of the How to Rent Checklist. This is the latest version.

It’s a very important document as landlords (or their agents) must give an up-to-date version to renters at the start of a tenancy. It also must be given when a tenancy is ‘renewed’. This means when the renters enter into another fixed term, or a fixed term becomes a statutory periodic tenancy. Also, it’s good practice to provide it if the checklist is updated during a periodic tenancy. Click here for an explanation of periodic tenancies.

If the renters don’t receive the How to Rent Checklist at the start or renewal of a tenancy, the landlord can’t serve a Section 21 Notice. However, it can be provided to the renters late, so long as it’s before the service of Section 21 notice.

Finally, the landlord can provide the How to Rent Checklist to the renter either as a hard copy or, if the renter agrees, as a PDF by email.

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what is the how to rent checklist published in March 2023
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