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Movewise for Landlords

Movewise - hassle-free property sales

If you’re one of the 30% of landlords thinking of selling in 2023, you may be wondering how best to go about it. I know how stressful and inefficient it can be selling properties at the best of times. It’s even worse in this challenging market. That’s where Movewise comes in to help landlords.

The aim of Movewise is simple. Whether it’s the sale of just one property or an entire portfolio, they make the process simple for sellers. They do this by providing a single point of contact for sellers, and by offering multiple selling routes.

I’ve decided to recommend Movewise and become an affiliate, as I can see the value of the services they offer landlords who are looking to sell. This means if you sell a property through Movewise, you’ll be supporting this free blog.

How does Movewise work?

Movewise isn’t an online agent, but they provide a property sales management service where each seller has their own account manager. It’s their job to provide guidance and take care of all the chasing and general hassle that goes with selling property.

Movewise offers landlords the best of all worlds with multiple selling routes, all managed by one point of contact:

  1. Direct sales. They maintain a list of property investors who are actively looking to buy single properties and portfolios. If you’re looking to buy, you can register here to join their list of buyers.
  2. Estate agent sales. Movewise analyse data to identify the best estate agents to sell any property, anywhere in the country. They look for agents with the highest number of sales of a similar property type, location and price. They then offer a unique managed multi-agent sales process, where the seller is not tied into any exclusivity period. If an agent isn’t delivering buyers at the right price, sellers can switch to another agent instead of dropping the asking price.
  3. Auction. For more problematic properties, or where a seller is looking for a fast sale, they can arrange sale by auction. In most cases they advise listing on the open market for a fixed period before choosing this route. This maximises the chance of selling at the best price.

The role of the account manager is oversee, monitor and chase the agents, and manage sales progression when buyers are found. This frees the seller from the hassle of doing this, which can be challenging enough with one property, let alone multiple properties in different locations.

Finally, they charge a flat fee for their sales service. This includes the estate agent’s commission as well as the services of their account mangers and property advisers. It’s not much more than a high end estate agent, but for a better service.

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Want to find out more?

If you’re a landlord who’s thinking of selling, you can register your details with Movewise by clicking here. You can also register if you’re looking to buy, and would like to be on their list of investors to be the first to hear of new properties for sale.

They’ll ask you to share a few details with them, without any obligation, and will be in touch very soon.

If you’d like to find out more about selling rental properties, read my detailed blog post here.

NRLA Member discount

The NRLA endorses Movewise as its property sales partner.

Be sure to click the box to say yes if you’re an NRLA member when you register with Movewise, as you’ll qualify for the NRLA discounted corporate rates.

If you’re not already an NRLA member, you can join by clicking here. You’ll get a £15 discount off the joining fee if you use this referral code: UYN-702.

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