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Renters Reform Timetable: What Happens When?

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After much anticipation, the first reading of the Renters (Reform) Bill took place on 17 May 2023, and has now started its journey towards implementation.

However, there’s still a long way before this Bill becomes law. It’s still got to go through both houses of parliament, receive Royal Assent, and then come into force.

Here’s my best guesstimate of when the relevant parts will come into force. I will update this regularly, so do bookmark it so you can come back and check where we are.

Last updated: 19 May 2023

Timeline for the Renters Reform Bill

In the timeline below, I show the key milestones for the Renters (Reform) Bill as it moves towards becoming an Act of Parliament. I have based the timetable for implementation of the Renters’ Reform Bill on statements in the White Paper, A Fairer Private Rented Sector (see pages 31-32).

If the Bill moves swiftly through both houses of parliament, it might, with a fair wind, be on track to receive Royal Assent sometime in the late autumn of 2023. In other words, during this parliamentary session.

However, a complex and controversial bill such as this may take longer and depending on the number of amendments. The biggest threat to the bill is running out of parliamentary time, as the current parliamentary session is due to end in November. The House of Commons is also due to have the “summer recess” from 21 July 2023 to 3 September 2023. It may well need to roll over into the next parliamentary session, and receive Royal Assent sometime in 2024.

In the meantime, I’ll keep updating this page to track the Bill’s journey towards implementation, and tick off each completed stage.

17 May 2023


The name of the bill was read out in the House of Commons

Where we are now


This is the first big step in the bill’s journey through parliament, when the bill will be debated.

A government minister will open the debate and set out the case for the bill, explaining its provisions. The opposition will respond and then other members are free to discuss it. Finally, there’s a vote to proceed to the next stage.

No amendments are made at this stage.

Late Spring 2023


This is a very important stage. A committee of MPs will scrutinise the bill line by line. This is the first opportunity for MPs to propose, debate and vote on suggested amendments and new clauses. The Committee will call for evidence as part of this stage.

Autumn 2023, at the earliest


These are the final stages.

At the Report Stage, MPs are able to table, debate and, if needed, vote on suggested amendments and new clauses to the bill.

Third Reading: No amendments can be made at this point.

Once the Commons and Lords have agreed on the final version, the RRB can receive Royal Assent.

Late Autumn 2023 at the earliest, more likely to be in 2024


Once the Bill has been passed by both Houses of Parliament, it becomes law when it receives Royal Assent and this has been signified to Parliament.

It will then become the Renters (Reform) Act.

At least six months after Royal Assent – Summer/Autumn 2024 at the earliest


This is the date the RRA will apply to new tenancies, apart from Section 21

12 months later – Summer/Autumn 2025?


All existing tenancies would transition to the new system.
At this point, Section 21 would cease to apply to all renters on this date, whether or not their tenancy is already in place.

*Based on transition arrangements outlined in the White Paper

Final thoughts

The Renters’ Reform Bill will continue to attract a lot of alarmist commentary in the media.

I will continue to publish factual, practical posts on my take on the Bill, based on my experience as a lawyer and a responsible landlord.

I’ll update this page whenever there is something new, so please bookmark it.

Last updated: 19 May 2023

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